Getting Started

The toolbox requires MATLAB 2014b or newer. Download the toolbox and unzip it into a directory of your choosing. The main toolbox scripts are located in the bdtoolkit directory which must be in your matlab PATH variable. The bdtoolkit/models directory contains example scripts that are also advisable to have in your PATH.
$ unzip
$ matlab

>> addpath bdtoolkit

>> addpath bdtoolkit/models
Each dynamical system (model) is defined by a specially formatted data structure that we call a sys  struct. An existing sys struct can be loaded from a mat file or a new one can be constructed from a model-specific script. The models directory contains both scripts and mat files for numerous dynamical systems. The following example shows how to load the pre-defined sys struct for the Hindmarsh-Rose model from a mat file into the graphical toolbox (bdGUI).
>> load HindmarshRose.mat sys
>> bdGUI(sys);
It allows the user to vary the model's parameters and solve the dynamical equations by forward-integration.

Going Further

The best way to proceed is by reading the Handbook. It is the official guide to using the toolbox. Chapter 1 describes how to install the toolbox and get started with some example models.